KAYAK LANDING - Minimum Order Quantity of 6

Great Lakes Lift and Dock introduces the all new Kayak Landing, an affordable drive-on/drive-off roller and platform deck for stable kayak boarding and departure.

Simply paddle your kayak into the Kayak Landing entrance, pull the kayak up on rollers using the dual handrails, step out on the landing platform and onto your dock. What could be simpler? No winches, cables, motors or gear.

As the weight of the kayak moves forward on the Kayak Landing, the aluminum stabilizing rails route your kayak up to a stable and dry position.

And, launching your kayak is just as simple. The rollers on the Kayak Landing gently route you down during launch, allowing the craft to gradually drop into the water.


The Kayak Landing is safe and easy to use. Safer than attempting to board or exit in shallow water and easier than pushing against the lake or river bottom and damaging your hull.

The Kayak Landing makes it safe and easy to navigate to and from shore. Some of the benefits when using a Kayak Landing are: No tipping, capsizing, struggling, or kayak damage when getting in and out of your vessel (typically the most accident prone times when kayaking).

The Kayak Landing is fully adjustable to your dock's height and water level. The entire one-piece system rolls into and out of the water on 'Otter' wheels.

The result is a simplified installation process that can be completed in minutes.

The Great Lakes Lift and Dock - Kayak Landing, is the most reliable and affordable kayak launching and docking system on the market today.