• 24 Volt Power: With solar tender; batteries not included.
  • 54" Rise on the 40110 / 40122
  • 54" Rise on the 50115 / 50122
  • 54" Rise on the 56115 / 56122
  • Cycle Time: 35-40 seconds from bottom to top (with full battery charge)
  • Water Depth Requirement: 7-8" over center cradles (plus draft of boat)

  • Hydraulic cylinder is designed not to be submerged in water, therefore avoiding
    exposure to corrosion, floating debris, and zebra mussels; can be disassembled
    for repairs.
  • Cylinder Rod on the hydraulic cylinder is fully protected from corrosion when the
    lift is in the 'up' position.
  • Mechanical safety is standard for long term storage of your boat in the 'up' position.
  • Hydraulic oil is fully approved for marine use.
  • 5/16" stainless leveling cables on the 40110/40122
  • 3/8" stainless leveling cables on the 50115/50122 and 56115/56122
  • Lift cable is 3/8" galvanized cable (7 x 19 wire rope).
  • Pulley sheaves are machined from space age Nylatron; all pulley shafts have grease
    fittings to facilitate a quieter and longer lasting pulley sheave.

  • Canopies available in various lengths and colors. (please inquire)
  • Full range of bunks, side guides, bow and motor stops for your boats or pontoon.
  • Remote control for your convenience.
  • Deep water legs.
  • 110 volt trickle charger available upon request.
  • For a complete list of options, click on LIFT OPTIONS below